Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hello today is April 8 2014. My name is Joey and i will be teaching you on how to tell jokes and be funny! This is an anti-joke so its not typically funny and the punch line is supposed to be dead which means that there is no specific punch line and its not funny but thats what makes these type of jokes funny! So the steps on performing this joke is walk up to someone a friend and or a random person and this is also a good way to get popular but i'll be posting that in future blogs. So go up to someone and say "Why did Sally fall off the swing?" And they'll say "Why?" And you proceed and saying "Because she didnt have any arms!" And then before they can say anything or laugh say "Knock knock" They will say "Who's there?" And you say "Not Sally!" And then you can all laugh and people and your friends will think you're funny and also more tips will be coming in the future so watch out for those!!

                                      -Joey :D